We’re exciting you’re interested in being cast in Aladdin, Jr. We know this page looks like a lot of information, but please read it in it’s entirety to avoid friction at auditions. There are multiple forms that need to be printed out. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for an actual audition slot using the Sign-Up Genius below.

Genie auditions are on April 8th. Students auditioning for Genie will be starting rehearsal immediately after they are cast. Please check the Sign-Up Genius for more information.

Auditions for all other roles are on May 15th and 16th. Please check the Sign-Up Genius for more information.

The Paperwork:

You must complete the following and submit it, at your audition.  Please see the important note at the bottom of this page:

  1. Audition Application
  2. Conflict Calendar
  3. Microphone Contract

The Performance:

Regardless of which part you intend to audition for within the show, your audition will consist of three parts. You audition materials are located on the web page.  Select both the script(s) and the song(s) that are associated with the character whom you are auditioning for.

Part 1:  Script Performance

Within the audition materials is a portion of the script for you to present to the audition team.  You are only to present the lines assigned to the character you are auditioning for. Someone else will read the lines of the other character(s).  Your presentation should include facial expressions, body movements, and convey the emotions appropriate for the selection. The audition team may ask you to do additional readings during your audition.

Part 2:  Vocals

Within the audition materials are a number of songs.  Each character has a specific song selection that they should be performing.  Please perform the song that is assigned to the character that you would most like to be.  You will be limited to only one song.

Part 3:  Dance

A short dance will be taught, at the audition workshop.  A video of the dance is linked below.  Each auditionee will be expected to dance for the audition team.

Part 4:  Gymnastics (optional)

Many of the roles in this show can be enhanced if actors have some gymnastic talents.  If you would like to showcase your gymnastic talents, you will have the option of doing so during auditions.

Important Notice:

At auditions, you must turn in 6 copies of your application packet which includes (in this order):  (1) audition application, (2) conflict calendar, (3) microphone agreement & (4) a current photo (stapled backward so it is looking at us when we flip over your packet).